Hi! I’m a researcher and engineer with a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Politecnico di Milano. After my academic stint, I joined a small university spin-off (fittingly named KKT) that was later acquired by Verizon Connect. A few years ago I’ve also been an intern at Google, where I worked with the team behind Google Flights. Currently based in Italy 🇮🇹.

I’m interested in machine learning and mathematical optimization. Some of the things I’ve worked on, in the past or more recently, are:

  • Machine learning and computer vision on multimodal sensor data and video
  • Discrete optimization methods for difficult graph problems (vehicle routing, elementary shortest path, network routing under fairness constraints)
  • Nonlinear planning and scheduling problems in energy systems, with uncertainty

I’m fairly active on twitter and sometimes on github (I created a tiny python library with 400 ⭐). Very rarely, I write blog posts/notes here. A list of my articles and patents can be found on Google Scholar.

Some pre-prints can be found here ☟.